Up and Away

6 Jun

Finished Petal Cones


I was vacillating between whether or not petal cones are necessary and if I should even be taking the time to do petal cones.  I even posted a poll on The Knot about it.  The consensus was pretty much split down the middle – they’re a waste or do it if you want. Well, last week I spoke with my florist, Darryl Wiseman, to finalize flower details and he told me that he would be providing petals for the throw (they’re included in our contract).  So, that got me to do some research on petal cones.  I thought, “Eff it, I’ll just buy them.”  Uh, no.  For generic looking petal cones, vendors were looking to charge about $2.00 for one petal cone.  

Uh, no thanks.


This makes no freakin’ sense.  Most of them looked like I could totally do it myself.  So, I set out to find inspiration and make my own. 

Although I didn’t want to spend a lot of time assembling and printing out petal cones, I think I found a fair compromise – both with budget and time. I Googled, “petal cones” and found a bunch of images that I could draw inspiration from.  This one is where I ultimately where I finally landed.  

Inspiration cones.


I found the doilies (24 in a pack) from The Dollar Tree.  I bought 3 packs.  I purchased the ribbon and metal rings from Michael’s for 50 cents a pack.  I bought 4 spools.  And the metal rings came 200 in one pack and cost about $3.00.  So for a whopping $8 or $9, I made about 70 petal cones!  Better yet, this was not one of the DIY projects that made me want to pull my hair out. 



Paper Doilies – Either round or oval
Ribbon – about 5in. in length
Metal ring 

Time – About 3 hours worth 

Glue along outer edge.


All my little cones.


Finished product.










The Haps 

  1. Glue the outer edges of the doilie.
  2. Fold the doilie while making a cone shape.
  3. Roll the cone-shaped doilie toward the outer edge, keeping it from unraveling or the glue from going all over.
  4. Lay your ribbon flat on your work surface.  Glue a 1/2in. line of glue onto ribbon.
  5. Place cone on top of ribbon and tie ribbon around cone – make certain not to complete the knot.
  6. Take two of the metal rings and slip them onto the open end of the knot.
  7. Complete your knot.
  8. Optional: Tuck one of the ribbon ends under the knot, so the ribbon ends face downward.
  9. Fill with your petals.

Really not a bad as I thought it might be.


2 Responses to “Up and Away”

  1. Ashley June 14, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    Your project was featured on Make It Yourself Monday on my blog.


    • bbyckes June 14, 2010 at 2:04 pm #

      Navy, that’s awesome! Thank you so much! 😦

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